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The all-in-one employee engagement platform

Unleash your organisation’s full potential with our employee engagement solutions combining recognition, 360º communication, competitive benefits and more. Revolutionise your HR management and employee experience. A fresh breath of life, innovation and inspiration for your company


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Rewards & recognition

Promote recognition & wellbeing

Create a supportive and thriving workplace by promoting a culture of recognition and wellbeing. Our comprehensive solutions include employee rewards, peer-to-peer recognition, celebrating work anniversaries and other incentives throughout the employee journey.

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Employee discounts

Boost employee benefits

Boost your employee benefits programme with our solutions. You’ll find everything from financial benefits, to exclusive discounts and savings portals. Discover our attractive rewards that increase employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamline benefits take-up with efficient workflow tools that simplify the process for both employees and HR teams.

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360º Internal communication

Develop 360° employee communication

Foster a connected, collaborative work environment with seamless 360° communication channels. Improve internal communication, gamify training and promote activities with a flexibility that meets your company’s needs.

Encourage employee participation with interactive forms and competitions designed for dynamic engagement. Simplify HR processes with content metrics, a complaints and reporting channel, segmented content and more in our multi-device and multi-language platform.

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Employee experience

Power up your employee experience & promote a sense of belonging

Improve employee experience and loyalty with seamless onboarding, gamified training and segmented content. Encourage employee connection and collaboration by integrating an employee directory, organisational chart and a corporate social network.

Combine your employee value approach with recognition and rewards for personal and professional achievements. Create a workplace where everyone feels a real sense of belonging.

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Sales team’s motivation

Improve the performance of your sales team

Boost the performance of your sales team with our dynamic platform. Create customised incentive programmes for sales teams and sales channels, in addition to competitions or targeted training and gamification programmes

Motivate your team and improve productivity with personalised tracking, KPI monitoring and rankings. Integrate these seamlessly into your CRM system to streamline processes and empower your sales force to both excel and drive the growth of your organisation.

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