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Find out how the leading Italian IT services company, BlueIT, overcame some long-standing challenges and, with the help of Vip District, achieved a successful digital transformation. This success story demonstrates how one well-designed tool can solve many issues. Introducing Vip District’s platform strengthened company culture, improved internal communication and enhanced employee well-being among many other positive consequences.

Although the challenges BlueIT was facing are typical within HR, these were becoming significantly problematic for the company. Key amongst these were establishing efficient internal communication, creating a stronger corporate culture, offering irresistible job proposals which would attract and retain high-quality new candidates, and adeptly managing employee well-being. Finding a solution became imperative.


BlueIT: Redefining the future through Innovation

Founded in 2008, the Italian company BlueIT has redefined the traditional IT service landscape by crafting an innovative digital transformation ecosystem. Specializing in automation, cybersecurity, and cloud technologies, BlueIT empowers its customers to embrace innovation, reshape their enterprises, and maintain operational authority while guaranteeing the highest security measures. With a team of 150 professionals based in Monza, Rome, Turin, Turin, and Paris, BlueIT’s ethos of integrity, trust, and continued ongoing learning drives forward high-quality technological innovation.


  • +150 employees
  • 5 locations
  • Continuous growth since 2008

“I couldn’t speak more highly of the Vip District portal. Its introduction has boosted productivity and performance, strengthened our corporate culture and been key in attracting new high-quality employees. We love using the platform and look forward to integrating additional solutions and adding even more offers to it in the near future.”

Roberta ZampaHead of Human Resources and Culture at BlueIT