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The all-in-one employee engagement platform

Unleash your organisation’s potential with our employee engagement solutions combining recognition, 360 communication, competitive benefits and more. Transform the HR management and employee experience, living the difference and inspiring the future.


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“Thanks to Vip District team, half of our staff are active users of the portal. Certainly, this allows Indra to offer its employees exclusive and high-quality benefits.”

Katia MuñozEmployee Experience Manager - Indra

“The IB portal is a success in Iberia. More than 50% of the employees are active users. It helped us add value to the advantages that the members of team Iberia have and put them on one website.”

Mónica Fernández MárquezPerformance & Talent Internal Comms - Iberia

“It’s a differential platform in the sector, with great offers on major brands and easy to use. The APP is amazing. You can find everything, from online discounts, vouchers for physical stores and discounts for online stores.”

Eduardo Pérez-VillamilCustomer Care Coordinator - Línea Directa

Rewards & recognition

Foster a culture of recognition & wellbeing

Create a supportive and thriving workplace by fostering a culture of recognition and well-being. Our comprehensive solutions include employee rewards, peer-to-peer recognition, work anniversaries and other incentives throughout the employee journey.

Encourage a positive feedback culture and anticipate the risk of burnout, ensuring a healthy work-life balance and a thriving working environment.

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Employee benefits

Enhance your employee benefits

Enhance your employee benefits programme with our suite of solutions that provides financial benefits, exclusive employee discount and savings portals, and attractive rewards to increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamline benefits enrolment with efficient workflow tools that simplify the process for employees and HR teams.

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360 internal communication

Develop 360 employee communication

Foster a connected, collaborative work environment with seamless 360° communication channels. Improve internal communication, gamify training and promote activities with flexibility to meet your organisation’s needs.

Encourage employee participation with forms and contests for dynamic engagement. And simplify HR processes with content metrics, a whistleblower channel, segmented content and more in our multi-device and multi-language platform.

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Employee experience

Power up your employee experience & sense of belonging

Improve employee experience and loyalty with a seamless onboarding, gamified training and segmented content.

Drive connection and collaboration with an employee directory, organisation chart, and corporate social network.

Combine your employee value proposition with recognition and rewards for personal and professional achievements to create a workplace where everyone feels a real sense of belonging.

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Sales team performance

Improve your sales team performance

Boost the performance of your sales team with our dynamic platform that allows you to create customised incentive programmes for sales teams and sales channels, targeted training, gamification and competitions.

Improve productivity with personalised tracking, KPI monitoring and rankings to motivate your team. Seamlessly integrate with your CRM system to streamline processes and empower your sales force to excel and fuel your organisation’s growth.

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Discover other solutions

Digital Workplace

Deploy your Digital Workplace

Deliver a dynamic digital workplace with our all-in-one solution. With our employee portals and mobile app, you get a customised SaaS intranet to streamline communication, collaboration, and engagement for a seamless employee experience. Engage hybrid remote teams or frontline workers like never before.

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Training and development

Gamify training and career development 

Take your employee training and career development to the next level with our innovative gamified platform to deliver rewards for engaging and motivating learning experiences.

Effectively manage skills development and ensure employees excel in their roles by creating personalised training journeys.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Make a positive contribution to our society 

Explore our suite of tools to create a responsible and eco-friendly workplace that makes a lasting impact on our planet.

Encourage employee volunteering and donations, promote green mobility through our carpooling platform, and reduce carbon footprints with a corporate virtual forest of real trees planted as you wish.

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Off-site and frontline workforce

Connect with your frontline employees 

Build strong connections with your frontline workforce using our app-based engagement platform. Address internal communication challenges by bridging gaps in communication channels and increasing talent visibility. Our solution cultivates a sense of belonging, improves collaboration and empowers your workforce to feel valued, ultimately increasing productivity and satisfaction within your organization.

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