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From complaints and cybersecurity channels to a suggestion box

With our communication platform, your employees will be able to express their opinions, ideas, complaints and denunciations in an accessible, secure and customisable channel.

Configure the channel according to your needs: from a suggestion box to a cybersecurity or whistleblower channel.

More than 3,000 companies in six European countries chose Vip District

A channel that fits your needs

Expand your communication channels and your Employee Voice channel thanks toVip Connect’s “Mailbox” feature . Create several channels on a single platform. No additional tools or extra costs.

Personalize your mailbox:

An efficient, secure and versatile channel

Transparency and security for all

Create private or 100% anonymous channels, such as a whistleblower mailbox. And also public channels, where everyone can see what their peers are saying. The employee may:

  • See the responsible manager.
  • Send an anonymous message.
  • Receive follow-up notifications.
  • Consult your requests or send messages.

Simple and versatile

Customize forms with a variety of options, such as check boxes, drop-down menus, free text fields, numeric, date and file upload. In addition, you can copy a form or use an existing one.

Effective management

Monitor and manage your channel from the control panel:

  • Tailored to your needs: set the maximum number of requests, group requests and receive a single notification as often as you wish, define the types of status and response deadlines.
  • View details, change status, add notes and create message threads with the requester.
  • Filter, search and download the list of requests or messages.
  • Receive reminders of response deadlines.

Explore channels you can create with Vip Connect:

Complaints channel

Promotes a safe and ethical environment with an easy and accessible, 100% anonymous internal whistleblowing channel for reporting misconduct or irregularities.

  • Users access with an individual credential.

  • The informant can attach files to his or her report and consult them.

  • Assignment of responsible manager per channel.

  • Control panel to filter, view, change status and other management.

  • Alerts for follow-up and compliance with the response deadline.

  • Platform with ISO 27001 Information Security System Certification.

Cybersecurity channel

Create a cybersecurity vulnerability mailbox for your employees to report:

  • Security flaws and potential threats.

  • Suspicious e-mails.

  • Unauthorized activities.

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Suggestion box

Listen to your staff and encourage collaboration with an Employee Voice channel.
You can create a suggestion box for:

  • Receive complaints and requests.

  • Knowing the concerns of employees.

  • Receive recommendations of candidates for available vacancies.

  • Support the R&D area.

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Request mailbox

Transform the mailbox into a request channel. Facilitate your management, optimize costs and communication with employees with request mailboxes for:

  • Request for training. Listen to your team’s professional development needs and incorporate courses and knowledge tests into the platform.
  • Request for work tools such as software, devices and materials needed for your employees.
  • Report a technical problem, hardware failures or incidents that affect the work.

More than a channel for complaints or suggestions

Start giving your employees a voice now!