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Discover how BlueIT, a leading Italian IT services company, overcame its challenges and achieved a successful digital transformation with the help of Vip District. This success story highlights how they solved the problems they faced by implementing Vip District’s platform to strengthen their company culture, improve internal communication and enhance the well-being of their employees.

BlueIT faced challenges that, while common HR challenges, are nevertheless particularly significant. For example, some of its most important challenges are effective internal communication, a strengthened corporate culture, an attractive employer offering to attract and retain top talent, and good employee wellness management. A solution had to be found.


BlueIT: Transforming the future with innovation

BlueIT is an Italian company founded in 2008 that has revolutionised the traditional IT services landscape by creating an innovative ecosystem for digital transformation. With expertise in automation, cybersecurity, and cloud technologies, BlueIT empowers its customers to embrace innovation, transform their businesses, and maintain control while ensuring the highest level of security. With a team of 150 professionals based in Monza, Rome, Turin, Torino, and Paris, BlueIT’s commitment to integrity, trust, and continuous learning generates quality technology innovation.


  • +150 employees
  • 5 locations
  • Continuous growth since 2008

“My assessment of the Vip District portal is overwhelmingly positive: it has improved productivity and performance, strengthened the corporate culture and helped us attract the best candidates. We are excited about using the platform and look forward to implementing more solutions and enriching the offerings already on the portal in the future.”

Roberta ZampaHead of Human Resources and Culture at BlueIT