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Randstad joined forces with Vip District in the pandemic to address its HR challenges. The main objective at that time was to expand the benefits package for its employees and enable them to increase their purchasing power. The project started with the Discount Club module, but the collaboration expanded and resulted in a multifunctional platform that improved internal HR processes and implemented reward and incentive programs. Together they managed not only to achieve the expected results, but to exceed them and have a global impact on Randstad’s human resources management.

Randstad’s HR team already had a partnership network that offered discounts to employees, but this solution was not fully digitized. In addition to not having a platform that was easy to access and use, its network of e-commerce partners was very small and managing partnerships was very time consuming for the team.

Another challenge was managing the delivery of incentives to employees. The management, delivery and control process was very manual, extremely slow and complex.

Ranstad (customer case)

Randstad: the future of Human Resources

Randstad, founded in 1960, is a worldwide (and Portuguese) reference in flexible labor and human resources solutions. It offers temporary employment, outsourcing, in-house services, career guidance, outplacement, recruitment, and assessment and development. With approximately 20,000 internal and external employees, in 2023, Randstad again won the award for best recruitment and selection company and global service provider. In health and wellness, Randstad has also been recognized with the award for Best Wellness Program.

Randstad (Portugal)

  • 20,000 internal and external employees
  • +60 years of experience

“The partnership with Vip District has been incredibly positive. Its products and services are 100% aligned with our values, reflecting our unwavering commitment to the employee experience. Together, we have not only created a portal, but we have established a partnership with an exceptional team, always ready to offer the best solutions. Most importantly, this collaboration is a tangible representation of the genuine care we take of our people, placing them at the center of everything we do.”

Tânia MendessDirector of People and Culture at Randstad