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Discover how effective communication boosts commitment and cohesion in the company!

Clínica CEMTRO, a benchmark in Spain in orthopaedics and sports traumatology, transformed its relationship with employees thanks to a new dynamic in internal communication. Using Vip Connect, the Vip District communication module, Clínica CEMTRO created a new, highly versatile intranet, which has brought the company and employees closer together, as well as facilitating the management of the Communication team.

In this interview granted to RRHH Digital, Nicolás André and Rebeca Ruiz (CEMTRO’s Communication and Marketing Director) share insights on how a dynamic and personalised communication raises the perceived value and sense of belonging.

Immerse yourself in this story and get inspired to strengthen your organisation’s internal communication strategy! Follow this interview here or access the full article in RRHH Digital.