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Maximize benefits with the employee discount club

Stretch employee payroll and strengthen your employer branding with a customised and exclusive discount club.

Hassle-free savings for employees. We take care of the management, so you don’t have to.

Employee discount club Vip Savings

Exclusive network with premium brands

Over 7 million users already enjoy the benefits of +400 brands across +18,000 different points of sale.

Benefits that have a real impact on the well-being of your employees



Thanks to the discount club, employees save an average of €700 per year on everyday purchases from hundreds of national and international brands.



Always at your employees’ fingertips, wherever they are. Access options include multiple devices or via our exclusive App.



An emotional salary that has a direct impact on employee satisfaction and on their everyday needs.

Ventajas del club de descuentos

More than an employee discount club

Irresistible benefits

  • Over 400 exclusive offers on both big brand names and local businesses.
  • Offers for in-store and online purchases, through direct discounts or cashback.

Exclusive and customised

  • An exclusive discount club for your employees, customised with your corporate image. And with the best mobile and App experience.
  • Excludes brands and integrates existing discounts already negotiated by the company.
  • Variety of access options including intranet integration, single sign on, corporate email, unique code and other options suited for each company’s requirements.

Employee experience and technology

  • Geolocalised offers and inApp notifications of “advantages near you”.
  • Never miss a discount: alerts triggered when visiting a website featuring a discounted brand.
  • Exclusive app rated TOP in the App Store and in Google Play.
  • Latest offer newsletters automatically sent, according to location and consumption habits.
  • Access to purchase history, favourites, preferred location, etc.
  • Different cashback options available: bank account transfer, donations (CSR), product purchase, etc.
Ofertas para empleados
Gestión del club de descuentos para empleados

We make it easy for HR teams

  • Turn your employee discount club into an “Employee Portal” and centralise your benefits with multiple suppliers.
  • Manage your own agreements on the platform, or leave it to our team – the choice is yours!
  • Access real-time dashboards and reports featuring platform usage statistics.
  • Use one single portal for employees located in different countries. Available in 8 languages.
  • Let our Customer Service team deal with queries and incidents.

Find out how a savings club can boost your benefits.

A versatile solution for different strategies

The platform's versatility and different customisation options mean our clients can apply Vip Savings to a great variety of different objectives.

Attract and retain clients

  • Operating logic, segmentation and customisation adaptable to your strategy for: attracting and retaining clients, upselling and cross-selling.
  • Database digitalisation, integration and improvement of existing channels (client area or app).
  • Support at each different stage of the customer journey.
  • Build loyalty and reduce churn rate.

Would you like to find out how we can help you attract and retain clients?

Associations and Federations

  • Attract and retain associates.
  • Promote the Plan Cuota Cero strategy.
  • Solutions to substantiate, increase or create new quota levels.
  • Visibility and strategic alliances with partners.
  • Increased loyalty and reduced rate of disengaged members.

Discover our Plan Cuota Cero and how we help Federations and Associations take their loyalty strategy to the next level.

A versatile and strategic solution

The platform's versatility and different customisation options mean our clients can apply Vip Savings to a great variety of different objectives.


What is an employee portal?
An employee portal is a centralised digital platform that provides quick access to relevant work and company information. It can have a global focus and include a variety of resources (payroll, communications, procedures, benefits, etc.), or be exclusively focused on engagement, covering employee benefits, recognition programmes, internal communications, etc.
What is an employee discount club?
An employee discount or benefits club is a savings platform through which employees can access exclusive discounts and offers on a variety of products and services. These programmes are part of a company’s benefits and compensation package and have proven to be a highly effective way to provide employees with incentives, thereby improving job satisfaction.
What is Cashback?
Cashback is a reward system in which a percentage of the money spent on certain brand purchases is returned to the buyer. The savings or benefit obtained is in the form of a cash rebate for purchases made. The accumulated balance can be transferred to a bank account or used in a variety of other ways.

Attract and retain employees with benefits and discounts!

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