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Give your Sales Team Motivation a Boost

Boost sales and exceed your business objectives by motivating your sales team, distribution networks or customer service personnel. With our solutions, revitalise and empower your teams through gamified commercial campaigns, customised training and a variety of prizes.

Solution for team motivation
How to motivate my sales team

How do I motivate my team and improve sales?

A new way to boost team motivation, going beyond purely monetary rewards.

  • Set strategic objectives (e.g. customer acquisition, increased retention rate and upselling) and reward your sales team or network when these are reached.
  • Build a personalised motivational infrastructure to target objectives, departments, locations, and teams effectively.
  • Promote ongoing learning for your teams and support their growth and development.
  • Manage everything from one single platform.

Gamify! Turn campaigns and sales objectives into fun games and challenges:

  • Create competitions, games and quizzes based on your business KPIs
  • Campaigns with direct gifts or points that can be redeemed for different products.
  • Comprehensive communication and results rankings
  • A wide range of rewards. Something for everyone!

Teach! A skilled team is a successful team:

  • Create your own e-learning platform containing a variety of materials of your choice: lessons, articles and downloadable documents
  • Assess newly acquired knowledge using tests, quizzes and surveys
  • Support channels and tools to help you and your team in your daily tasks
  • Promote activities and events, with easy registration management and satisfaction surveys

Our solutions get you the results you are after

Motivate Sales Teams:

  • Impact specific KPIs (churn reduction, upsell, average ticket increase, etc.) and unlock stoppers in the sales cycle.
  • Encourages healthy competition with rankings.
  • Create motivation and incentive strategies differentiated by segments and hierarchies within the team.
  • Bring your sales team up to date on new products and the latest sales techniques.
Ranking of commercial teams
Stimulating the distributor network

Drive engagement in the distributor network:

  • Improve sell out by creating special bonds with your collaborators.
  • Increase brand recognition and its perceived value.
  • Create a communication channel to ensure that all important product information and news is always received and kept up-to-date.

Motivate Customer Service teams:

  • Improve your customer service department by rewarding your agents for specific achievements such as average handle time (AHT), first call resolution rate (FCRR) and customer satisfaction (CSAT).
  • Simplify incident compensation management, ensuring a positive experience, through a controlled and efficient system.
Motivation of the call centre team

The most convenient and flexible solution for motivating your team

Easy integration

Different access and integration options: single sign-on, user upload via SFTP, API, Google Workspace and other options, ensuring every company’s needs can be met.

Flexibility and customisation

Customised platform and app, with ad-hoc campaigns in a variety of formats (automatic points upload, via vouchers, data import, etc.). Segmentation of targets and campaigns according to groups and hierarchies.

Something for everyone

Direct gifts or points redeemable for branded gift cards, physical items or for prizes which have either high perceived value or high emotional impact.


Option of creating lessons and grouping them into categories.Different methods for assessing any knowledge acquired.

Communications and promotion

Competitions and campaigns in different formats. Promotion through automatic email and App communications and notifications.

Information is power!

Real-time metrics on all platform activity. Consult dashboards to identify opportunities, make quick decisions and monitor your budget.

Products and services related to team motivation

Maximise team and distribution network performance by combining these products:

Vip Incentives

A gift and points programme that offers rewards according to the objectives achieved. A powerful, easy-to-use, versatile tool that adapts to help you get the best out of your sales teams, distribution networks, call centres and more.

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Vip Connect

A platform and App providing a comprehensive solution for managing all your corporate communication whatever the target audience. Publish content, create training, surveys and customised activities.

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Unleash your sales potential and experience a new business reality!