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Your corporate carpooling platform

Help your employees commute to work easily and safely with an exclusive carpooling platform!

A solution that is both reliable and versatile, easy to implement and easy to use. Not to mention a fantastic way to contribute to environmental responsibility.

An attractive alternative for commuting to work


Play your part in reducing CO2 emissions and road congestion.

Cut costs

Help your employees save money on their commuting costs.


Offer your employees a safe way to get to work while strengthening relationships between colleagues.

100% exclusive space

A platform which is exclusively available to your company. Only your employees will be able to publish and search for journeys.

All the advantages of carpooling to work

Users have several options for configuring the journey they offer or finding the one they need. Say goodbye to dull, lonely journeys!

Two win-win modes of use!

For drivers

  • A fantastic way to save money, by sharing fuel, parking and toll costs. Set the price per seat and per journey.
  • Create trips by day and time, seat availability, type of journey and stops. Trips can be duplicated and edited for speed and convenience.
  • Automatic or manual passenger acceptance.

For passengers

  • Significant savings in commuting costs and travel time.
  • Specific search engine with option to filter active trips according to a variety of criteria.
  • Option to search for trips where a specific pick-up point along the original route can be requested.

What makes Carpooling the best commuting system?

Easy navigation

Powerful engine to search for available journeys by driver, type of journey (one-off or recurrent) and location.


Personalised notifications to facilitate monitoring and dynamisation: newly published trips, ride requests and trip confirmations and cancellations.


Discover the mobility profile of your employees and monitor platform usage and the estimated environmental impact.


Create and manage trips/requests in a few seconds via the mobile application. Automatic GPS filtering for “trips near me”.

Advanced configuration

Multitude of specifications to choose from, including establishing trip frequency, default search radius, if passenger acceptance is automatic or manual, and any restrictions.

Do you need more reasons to encourage your employees to use carpooling?

1.6 M

Tonnes less CO2 in the environment thanks to carpooling.


Average savings in fuel by using a collaborative platform.


Cost reduction by carpooling with 3 other passengers.


Less cars on the road.

Make your mark as a sustainable company

Implementing corporate carpooling not only helps your employees, but also complies with the Sustainable Mobility Law and European-wide measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

Why don’t you take further steps towards sustainability and activate Vip Forest? Find it on our Rewards platform. Give employees and partners trees as gifts and support the global CO2 offset.


What is carpooling?
“Carpooling” is a term meaning “car sharing”. It is a practice which has become increasingly popular in recent years and consists of sharing a car with other people for both regular trips and one-off journeys.
What is the difference between corporate carpooling and other platforms?
Corporate carpooling platforms offer transport options exclusively to their employees, thereby providing a safer option to car-sharing. They also add to a company’s value proposition and corporate social responsibility.
What is the Sustainable Mobility Law?
The European Sustainable Mobility Strategy, promoted by the European Commission, establishes measures and policies to encourage the adoption of smarter and more sustainable mobility. The aim of this strategy is to reduce carbon emissions produced by various means of transport. There are a number of goals and objectives at European level, but their implementation and adaptation at national level may vary between member states.

Transform your relationship with Employees and the Planet!

Creating your own carpooling platform is a further commitment to striving
for environmental sustainability and a collaborative world.