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Reinvent your corporate culture with an employee points programme

Discover an employee points and rewards programme that will not only boost employee motivation, but will amaze you with its flexibility and ease of management.

Reward employees for reaching targets, milestones, company goals and more. Creativity is the name of the game!

Corporate employee points programme

Vip Incentives in 3 easy steps


Campaign creation

Create your employee points programme based on campaigns related to strategic business objectives or related to your corporate culture.



Notify all your employees dynamically and automatically. Invite them to participate and collect points.



Give your employees the freedom of choice. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, physical products, experiences and more.

Our employee points programme’s winning strategy

Increase in Employee Satisfaction:

  • Reward employees for all their achievements: from the smallest to the greatest. Employees can choose their own gift from a wide and varied selection of rewards, covering a wide range of prices.
  • Strengthen their sense of belonging and their relationship with the company: Emotional salary does matter!

Increase in useful Company features:

  • Liven up your employees’ everyday tasks with gamified challenges, quizzes and competitions. You can even create rankings.
  • Worry no more! We handle the prize catalogue and supplier management.

Our employee points programme’s winning strategy

What makes Vip Incentives the best employee points system?

Ad hoc campaigns

Tailor-made campaigns, featuring either points or direct gifts. Award prizes for meeting strategic objectives, achieving KPIs, recommending talent, length of service, birthdays, etc.

Flexibility and ease of management

The name of your points system and the currency used is up to you. Award points automatically, manually or via receipt. Allow managers to create campaigns and distribute points to their teams.

Intelligent communication

Notifications to advertise, create a buzz, or remind users of upcoming end of campaigns. Plus alerts for when gifts or points are received or requests approved. All automatic, via email or App push notifications.


Campaigns open to all employees or limited to specific groups according to area, branch location, department, or any other desired criteria.

Versatile and customisable rewards catalogue

Rewards classified according to value, category, brand and location. Use our complete catalogue as it is, customise it or even include your own company gifts.

Reports in Real Time

Real-time access to usage and campaign statistics, gift redemption and more. Intuitive graphs to track the success of the initiative and the return on investment.

Reaches everyone, every time

Employees can log on to the platform from any device or via the App. 8 different language browsing options are available.

Good for employees. Great for the Planet

Imagine your company planting an entire forest! Add trees to your gift catalogue and activate Vip Forest: your virtual forest. Track the trees planted, their location and the CO2 offset.

Not only will you increase employee and collaborator motivation, but you will also take care of your company’s image while taking care of the planet.

The Vip Incentives employee points programme: a versatile tool for all your objectives

  • Strengthen employee commitment and corporate values.
  • Motivate sales teams and distribution networks. Click here to find out more.
  • Gamified learning. Partner Vip Incentives with Vip Connect to reward employees for successfully completing training course lessons and tests.
  • Last but not least: Christmas gift management! Award points to employees which they can then redeem, for something they actually like!
The employee points programme: a versatile tool for all your objectives

What our customers say


What is an employee points programme?
An employee points programme is a recognition and compensation strategy in which each employee accumulates points for completing certain company-defined actions, activities or tasks. These points can then be redeemed in the form of gifts.
What should an employee rewards catalogue look like?
A gift catalogue should be comprehensive, with different product categories, making it adaptable to different employee profiles. Examples of gifts include branded gift cards, physical products, experiences, and even charity gifts.

A new relationship with your employees!

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