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Consolidate information with our Employee Directory

Simplify interactions within your company with our Employee Directory. Include information such as the company Organisational Chart or details like employees’ job titles, departments, locations and even hobbies.

Easy and organised information can transform the day-to-day life of your company!

Consolidate information with the Employee Directory

The 3 key elements of Vip Directory



Your company’s Organisational Chart displayed in a way that is easy to access and understand. Upload your database in only one click.



Any information employees need is just a click away. Different ways to search for team members: by name, department or email.



Business card in digital format with option of QR scanning and corporate signatures. All in one place and via App.

Help your employees get to know each other even better!

Your employees are more than just a name and a job title. Your team is full of super interesting people! Let them all reveal a bit more about themselves. Employees choose what to share and the level of privacy:

  • Personal description, birthday, hobbies and favourite quote.
  • Photos, video presentation, social media profiles.

An Employee Directory that saves your time and energy

For companies and HR departments:

  • Strengthen your corporate image with a clear, accessible and organised company structure.
  • Easily manage data updates, all in one place. Including corporate signatures.
  • Facilitate access to information, especially for frontline employees or those working remotely.

For your employees:

  • No more getting confused about “who’s who” or “who does what”. A key part of the onboarding process is resolved and integration within the team is facilitated.
  • All relevant information in your pocket via the App. Plus access to your QR business card.
  • A fantastic way for colleagues to get to know each other. Especially important if you have people working from home or remotely.

An Employee Directory that saves you time and energy

The benefits of Vip Directory

Easy to Update

Option to manually import all your company’s contacts from a .csv file via an intuitive contact importer.


The Employee Directory is organised in a simple logical way. Option to filter contacts by area, department, work location, name or email address.

Accessible anytime and anywhere

Vip Directory is available both in Desktop and App format. 8 different language browsing options are available.


What is an Employee Directory?
A company Employee or Staff Directory is a tool that centralises key information about employees, such as names, job titles/roles and contact details. It facilitates internal communication and collaboration by providing quick and organised access to team details. It is an essential platform for effective human capital management (HCM), especially for companies who have 100+ employees, employees working remotely or whose team is distributed across different locations.
What is a company Organisational Chart?
A company Organisational Chart is a visual representation of a company’s internal structure, showing how different departments, units and positions are distributed. The diagram provides a clear overview of an organisation’s hierarchy system and lines of communication, helping to understand how work, responsibilities and decision-making is distributed within it.

Improve Employee Connection!

The Employee Directory that boosts interactions and transparency in your company!