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Connect, communicate and transform with an all-in-one Corporate Intranet!

Take a leap forward in your internal communication strategy with an unrivalled solution on the market. Create content, surveys, mailboxes and training, in addition to managing activities. All on one single platform. Less hassle and more solutions for your HR team.

Let communication flow!

All-in-one Corporate Intranet

A versatile and multifunctional space!



Share news and content with your employees. Push notifications allow you to reach everyone no matter where they are.



With our tools, creating and managing activities has never been so easy. Definitely the peace of mind that your HR team deserves.



Let your employees express themselves. A variety of tools is available enabling you to create your own employee voice channel.



Compile teaching resources in a wide range of formats, create and organise lessons and tests in the blink of an eye.

Undoubtedly, everything your HR department needs

Vip Connect will help optimise HR tasks and provide you with an employee-centric Hub. Save time and resources by using one single, multifunctional platform tailored to your needs.

Vip Connect: The flexible solution for all companies

A multifaceted solution for any type of company, from SMEs to multinationals.
A solution which adapts to your company and its needs.

Connect with your frontline employees

The ideal platform for companies operating in the services industry, manufacturing, retail or healthcare sectors and companies with frontline or seconded employees. The App is key to bringing communication closer.

SMEs: your all-in-one corporate intranet

Organise content, download payrolls and centralise all types of documentation. It features a multifunctional communication platform and saves on the need for other tools, thereby saving you money.

Big businesses: make your value proposition shine

Create a 100% employee-focused space. Give visibility to your employee value proposition and support your team every step along their employee journey.

Vip Connect: your multifunctional communication platform

Content management

A multipurpose editor for publishing content and attaching files in a variety of formats.

  • Centralise all pertinent information (documents, procedures and manuals), organising them into categories.
  • Forget about dynamisation: automatic notifications take care of it for you.
  • Everyone joins in! Establish access with or without moderation so your employees can participate and share content.

Activity management

The peace of mind your HR team needs for creating and managing internal events.

  • Create, promote and coordinate activities, whether they are one-off or recurrent, online or in person.
  • Independent and automatic management of communications, registrations, cancellations and waiting lists.
  • Option of segmenting events by location or by groups of employees.
  • Create fun photography competitions. And much more!

Vip Connect: your multifunctional communication platform


An easy way to create surveys in a variety of different formats and for a variety of reasons: from activity satisfaction surveys to opinion surveys for specific questions or areas.

Corporate mailboxes and channels

Listen better, listen more with personalised mailboxes. From a whistleblower or cyber security channel to a suggestions box. Manage request visibility, assign statuses and set maximum response deadlines. More information


  • Manage training programmes, including onboarding, health and safety, corporate tools and much more.
  • Share material in a variety of formats and let the company’s experts share their knowledge with co-workers.
  • Assess knowledge through tests with predetermined number of points, attempts, cut-off marks etc.

More reasons for choosing Vip Connect as your corporate intranet partner

Multi-device and multi-language

Available in 8 languages, accessible via computer, App or from any device and browser. Wide range of access and registration options, adapting to the particular needs of each and every company or organisation.

Variety of contents

Storage of different file-types available, including PDF, DOC, MP4 and WAV. Documents and contents can be organised into different categories.

Intelligent communication

Automatic notifications via email, in-platform mailboxes and App PUSH notifications. Notifications regarding new information, content, activity, registrations and survey results.


Highly customisable to align with your company’s look-and-feel and content strategy.


Content visibility and activities limited to groups and location. Plus, manager access with varying levels of usage permissions.

Reports in Real Time

Real-time access to platform usage graphs and metrics. View statistics on access, reads, interaction and more.

Take your corporate intranet to the next level!

Combine Vip Connect with these add-on modules to maximise its functionality:

Vip Directory

Display your company’s organisation chart in a user-friendly way and help colleagues get to know each other.

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Vip Share

Encourage a circular economy within your company by providing a space for buying and selling items and services.

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What is a corporate intranet?
A corporate intranet is a restricted access platform that serves as an internal communication tool between a company and its employees. Its main functions include allowing the efficient exchange of resources between different work areas, centralising information and promoting corporate culture.
What should a corporate intranet include?
A corporate intranet should feature content management, tools for collaborative work, feedback and project management, a directory and calendar. It should provide notifications, mobile access, analytics and be customisable. It may have the feel of an internal social network.

Transform your company’s daily work with a Corporate Intranet!