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A real impact on Employee Engagement

Rewards, recognition and positive feedback don’t just put a smile on your employees’ faces, they also spark employee engagement.

Discover practical solutions so your company can create a culture of well-being and recognition from day one.

Employee engagement solution
Celebrating team achievements

Celebrate your team’s achievements

Reinforce employee engagement by celebrating and rewarding milestone achievements. Recognise both work and personal accomplishments.

  • A made-to-measure recognition platform: reward with points or direct gifts.
  • Include as many campaigns as you like. Easily create campaigns in different formats, segmented for different employee groups and profiles.
  • Turnkey solution. You provide the creativity and the strategy and we take care of the rest, including automatic communications, a gift catalogue and platform management.

Spark employee engagement with positive feedback

Create a sense of team spirit by sharing the responsibility. Our platform turns your company into a team, in which colleagues can recognise each other and give positive feedback to anyone else in the company.

  • Encourage “give and take” feedback, aligned with company values at all times.
  • Points and praise: monthly campaigns allow employees to recognise their colleagues by awarding points and leaving positive comments.
  • Insights for HR: discover the atributes valued by your team, the top motivators and top performers.
Positive feedback

Real impact from day one

Confirmed by our clients: positive results from day one. Rewarding or praising someone not only makes their day, but also increases team commitment.

Management made easy

It really is possible! Hassle-free employee motivation and engagement management thanks to an easy-to-use, smart platform. Keep everything running smoothly via our dashboards, automated notifications and actions, and much more.

Products and services related to employee engagement

Combine these products to create a stimulating and supportive environment of recognition and well-being, and make a positive impact on employee motivation:

Vip Incentives

A gift and points programme that recognises and rewards the effort and progress of your employees. The flexible and versatile solution for your HR team. And the best way to accompany an employee along their journey.

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Vip Awards

A hub for employee connection and appreciation. Employees show their gratitude, recognition and appreciation for each other, award each other points and give positive feedback to colleagues across the company. A real, positive impact on employee motivation and the company work climate.

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Real success stories

Discover companies that have invested in boosting employee motivation through rewards and recognition.

Aubay – Industry: Information Technology

Aubay Portugal chose Vip District to bring Club Aubilous to life. The club has since become a prominent symbol of its employer brand. Explore this project, awarded "Best Reward and Recognition Programme" at the IMA Europe Incentive Awards.

Teleperformance – Industry: Contact Center

TP4U is Teleperformance Portugal’s platform, designed together with Vip District. Not only has the project led to increased efficiency in a variety of company processes, but it has also fostered a strong sense of belonging and recognition within Teleperformance.

Randstad – Industry: Human Resources Services

Read about Randstad Benefits, a platform created for Randstad Portugal. A project that is fully aligned with its company values, and reflects its unwavering commitment to delivering a superior employee experience.

Give team motivation and team spirit a boost.
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