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Peer-to-peer recognition: transformative feedback

We all know how positive the impact of receiving praise can be. So, imagine how motivating using recognition as a daily spark of inspiration could be for your team. Vip Awards unleashes a wave of connections, motivation and success. Transform your Company Culture with Vip Awards.

Discover the power of peer-to-peer recognition with Vip Awards!

Peer-to-peer recognition: transformative feedback

A space that nurtures a positive work environment

A space that nurtures a positive work environment

Recognition and appreciation among Colleagues

Providing positive feedback has never been so easy! Award points accompanied by a personalised message to thank, praise, congratulate or simply acknowledge your co-workers, anywhere within the company.

Engagement and Interaction

You create the thematic campaign and we’ll take care of the promotion. Vip Awards sends personalised and automatic notifications to each user to encourage campaign participation. We take care of it all!

Maximum visibility

Add messages and rankings to the wall, and decide if you wish to make these visible to the whole company or not. Make compliments stand out by notifying other company members of these.

Boost corporate values

Identify the values you wish to highlight and link each piece of positive feedback to a corporate value. Together and aligned is the key to strengthening corporate culture.

Peer-to-peer recognition that makes a difference:

Emotional salary matters!

  • Employees award points and send positive feedback messages to their colleagues, whatever the location or office. From a “thank you very much” to a genuine, heartfelt compliment.
  • Employees will feel recognised and appreciated for their work and effort, not only by their managers, but also by their peers.
  • Option available to reply to peer feedback with a personalised message and react with funny emojis.

The employee wins, the company wins

  • Strengthens corporate image and culture with a customised platform. App version also available.
  • Identify talent and get to know your employees, by seeing them through the eyes of their colleagues.
  • Create a work environment that prioritises recognition, respect and well-being.
  • Create dynamic campaigns for any length of time and with any number of redeemable points. You can even set up rankings of the most highly appreciated or most generous employees.

Peer-to-peer recognition that makes a difference:

Why is Vip Awards the best peer-to-peer recognition platform?

Multi-platform and multi-language

The Vip Awards peer-to-peer recognition platform is available in 8 languages, accessible through the app and from any device and browser.

Advanced settings

Customised configuration. Define each individual campaign by duration, delivery criteria and point details; establish ranking and message visibility; specify the associated corporate values and segment those users with Vip Awards access.

Intelligent Communication

Automatic communications: email or App notifications of campaign start/end and points, pending points and messages received.

Reports in Real-time

Real-time access to usage statistics and details, allowing you to draw valuable conclusions from a peer-to-peer recognition point of view. Discover which characteristics your team values most in their colleagues and identify any previously hidden talented team members.

Vip Awards is the best peer-to-peer recognition platform


What is peer-to-peer recognition?
Peer-to-peer recognition, also known as peer recognition, is a genuine expression of commendation and appreciation between co-workers. Positive feedback is given to a colleague, e.g. for skills they have shown, results they have achieved or for their collaborative attitude in a project.
How can a peer-to-peer recognition programme reinforce a company’s corporate values?
Corporate values are principles that drive a company: who it is, what it stands for and what it does. Encouraging employees to acknowledge someone who stands out for promoting and living by these values is a great way to motivate everyone to continue to do the same in their day-to-day work. As a consequence, this is then reflected in the climate and culture of the company.
What corporate values can I encourage employees to recognise among their colleagues?
Values often vary from one company to another. Some examples of values you can encourage through a peer-to-peer recognition programme are: respect, innovation, collaboration, commitment, excellence, transparency, adaptability, initiative, continuous learning, etc.
How is a peer-to-peer recognition programme implemented within a company?
Launching a peer-to-peer recognition programme begins with defining the rules for peer recognition and encouraging the active participation of employees. The best way to make the programme effective and dynamic is to have an easy-to-use digital system that is accessible to everyone.

Redefine employee relationships!

Immerse yourself in the Vip Awards experience and let peer-to-peer recognition transform your business culture.