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Turn a simple Employee Experience into a great Career Journey

Discover a new era in employee experience with an all-in-one solution to accompany every stage of your employees’ career journey. From onboarding to engagement and development. Let the journey begin!

Transforming the employee experience

Recruitment: Attract the best talent

Watch the top candidates’ eyes light up during interviews.

  • Boost your employer brand with an employee Portal and App. Exclusive and customised for your company.
  • Boost your compensation and benefits package with our discount club and incentive programme.
  • Create an easy and seamless employee experience.
Recruiting and attracting talent
Experiencia del Empleado: onboarding

The perfect onboarding process

Kick off with the ultimate onboarding experience! Centralise and organise all the information to make it easier for new recruits and give them more autonomy.

Who's who

The Directory contains the company’s organisation chart and provides information about new colleagues, from their work duties to their hobbies. Easy and highly visual!

Make their life easy

Vip Connect organises all the practical and useful information new employees need. Show off your employee value proposition and provide a well-structured employee journey.

Close, even when far away

All the information you need, with you at all times. App with alerts to keep everyone in the loop, especially those on the front line or working remotely.

Training and learning

Learning can be dynamic, participative and with a hint of competition.

  • Create your own e-learning platform thanks to Vip Connect’s lesson and exam features.
  • Gamify training with prizes or points. And create fun competitions and healthy competition.
  • Let the company’s experts share their valuable knowledge, and save time and money on training.
Employee experience: Recruitment and learning
Employee experience: recognition and commitment

Engagement and recognition: the jewel in the crown of the employee experience

The engagement journey starts here. Every detail puts your employees at its heart and as its focus.

Connect, inspire and win your employees over

Raise the employer-employee connection with Vip Connect: dynamic, open and interactive. Create events and communicate in a comprehensive way, generally or personalised for different groups of employees.

Let your employees know how great they are!

Use Vip Awards to create a wall of positive feedback enhancing their employee experience. Saying “Thank you” or “You’re awesome” has never been so easy.

Recognition, for the things that matter

Celebrate achievements with Vip Incentives – from professional achievements to special moments in your employees’ lives!

Every company is unique, which is why our technology is designed for all environments.

Front-line employees, technical teams or service providers

We create not only the best experience for an employee, but also for a user. Connect with your employees like never before and give them a TOP rated app.

International teams

We are multicultural, and so is our platform. With access available in 8 languages, one single employee portal for multiple countries, and integrated services and benefits tailored to each location.

Remote workers or external collaborators

Turn your employee portal into a meeting point for the whole team. With Awards, Directory and Connect, everyone can meet, interact and access the same information.

Business technology

Employee experience related products and services

Support your employees at every stage of their journey and provide them with an unbeatable experience by integrating the following on your portal:

Vip Savings

An exclusive discount club for your employees. Hundreds of exclusive deals and privileges on major national and international brands. Benefits that have a positive impact on the employee’s day-to-day life, facilitate HR management and strengthen employee relations with the company.

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Vip Connect

One single platform, one comprehensive solution. Manage all corporate communication, training, events and activities, surveys, personalised communication channels and more.

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Vip Incentives

Activate different reward or points campaigns to encourage employee development and collaborative working. Recognise accomplishments achieved in gamified training programmes or reward those who share their knowledge by training others.

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Vip Awards

A hub for employee connection and appreciation. Employees show their gratitude, recognition and appreciation for each other, award each other points and give positive feedback to colleagues across the company. A real, positive impact on employee motivation and the company work climate.

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Employee Portal and App

A “one-stop shop” providing your employees with everything they might need, e.g. information, services, benefits and quick access to services offered by other merchants. A practical solution for HR teams and an incredible employee experience.

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Ready to create experiences your employees will fall in love with?