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The transformation of labor relations in recent years is undeniable. We have seen the emergence of new work formats (remote and hybrid), 4-day work weeks, video calls as the order of the day and new challenges such as managing remote teams.

This new landscape is accompanied by the acceleration in the digital transformationof companies. They have embraced all kinds of collaborative, motivational, communication and productivity technologies as alternatives to social distancing and remote working.

We find companies, especially large ones, that have experienced a technology boom. Companies now have a variety of platforms for their employees to use. These include benefits clubs, payroll and insurance management platforms, corporate training software and much more.

Technology should simplify your life and your employees’ lives, not make it more complicated.

It is great to have different solutions and alternatives to communicate, motivate and incentivise employees. But with this boom comes problems. For example, how many different passwords and websites must they manage to access benefits? Where do they find the logins? Are employees aware of all the available services? Can they only be accessed from the office? Are they accessible to public-facing, on-site and off-site employees? Can public-facing employees who work on-site and off-site access them?

It is clear that companies need to find tools, but management and use need to be easy and simple. For both human resources departments and employees.

For technology and user-friendliness to be allied, a single platform is ideal. A platform where you can motivate, connect and celebrate with your employees. Not to mention reduce and simplify management tasks for HR.

The solution is an all-in-one employee portal, i.e. a single platform that provides different solutions. This means having all the benefits, communication channels and services available to your employees “under one roof”..

You can add other features to your portal to enhance and simplify the employee experience. For example, integrate solutions you have contracted with other providers (eg. flexible remuneration provider); have a single login to access all other platforms, access from the app or computer, etc.

This is a new era for employee experience and employee portals.

Hundreds of companies in Europe already use Vip District’s all-in-one employee portal. And more than 6 million employees!

The fact is that more and more companies are joining this solution. Why? It should be mentioned here their ease of implementation, the autonomy of management, and affordable costs; These are all compelling reasons. Not to mention all the different services that can be added to the portal. They are reason enough to launch a platform like this in a couple of weeks without the need for extra technological support.

Some of the services and facilities available with the All-in-one employee portal:

  • Discount club: expand and diversify your benefits package with hundreds of discounts on big brand items.
  • Corporate social network: manage events, activities, content, surveys, competitions and internal communication quickly and easily.
  • Recognition: cross-cutting recognition among employees. A positive feedback points programme aligned with your corporate culture and values.
  • Gamified incentives: motivate and incentivise your employees by offering points for achieving objectives, challenges, contributing new ideas, as a welcome, for their birthday or work anniversary, etc.
  • Gifts for special occasions: giving special gifts to employees and partners has never been so easy! A complete turnkey solution, meaning that you can forget about having to deal with supplier and purchase logistics.
  • Autonomy and support: all products feature real-time administration and reporting tools. In addition to HR and employee care and support.
  • And much more: carpooling, remuneration package dashboard, bulletin board, etc.

Take your human resources and employer branding strategy to the next level;

Now is the time to give your team the best possible technology and ease of management. And for your employees, the simplicity and comfort they deserve.

Tip: having a unique employee portal with multi solution features will ease HR management and employee experience.