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Revolutionise your internal communication

Create a unique space that will be the heart of the relationship with your employees. In addition to centralising your corporate communication, you can create and manage activities, training, surveys and customised communication channels.

Reach everyone, wherever they are, and reinvent the relationship with your employees.

Internal communication in the company
The importance of internal communication

Maximise the impact of your message

Strengthen employee engagement with easy, attractive and relevant internal corporate communication. A multi-language platform that will facilitate the management and collaboration of other areas.

  • Create articles, sections, polls, theme categories and more.
  • Content segmentation by user groups, locations, departments, etc.
  • Easy navigation with categories and text search engine.
  • Enable contributors to dynamically manage specific categories or content.
  • More flexibility and autonomy for internal communication teams.

The ultimate solution for managing events and activities

Create, promote and manage your internal events in a single space. Surprise with an easy and agile management.

  • Publishes events of different formats and periodicity.
  • Manages attendance and waiting lists automatically.
  • Link custom forms or surveys.
  • Entertain and challenge by creating contests.
  • Automatic notifications and reminders.

Complete learning experience: teach, assess and motivate

Design your e-learning platform with lessons, quizzes and reward achievements.

  • Publish training content individually or in the form of lessons.
  • Prepares reviews and obtains team performance metrics.
  • Gamify your training with rewards and incentives.

Employee Voice 360º: the revolution starts here

Expand your ability to listen to employees. Create real channels to learn about their ideas and needs, conduct satisfaction and work environment surveys and even receive complaints.

  • Tailor-made surveys with different configuration options, automatic notifications and access to results.
  • Create a cybersecurity and whistleblowing channel (Whistleblowing Channel).
  • And an infinite number of personalised mailboxes or channels: for suggestions, requests, candidate recommendations, etc.
Employee voice and internal communication

Connect people and simplify processes

Different ways to participate

Posts, comments, reactions, likes, etc.

Bulletin boards

Boosts interaction and collaborative economy with a peer-to-peer buying/selling space.

Reaches everyone instantly

Employees will receive automatic notifications and reminders from any device, either by e-mail or push notification in the App.

Don't miss the news

App and mobile access will carry your messages to all your employees, from the front line to the office.

Let the numbers speak

Reports of visualisations, interactions, comments, most read categories, etc. Dashboards with real-time data, easy to interpret and download.

Internal communication management tools

Products related to internal communication

Build a powerful internal corporate communication strategy by combining these products:

Vip Connect

A platform with the complete solution to manage your corporate communication, events and activities, training, surveys and customised communication channels.

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Vip Incentives

Create rewards or points campaigns to drive employee development and collaboration. Recognise achievements with gamified training or reward those who share their knowledge through the platform.

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Vip Share

An exclusive bulletin board for employees to sell, buy, rent or exchange products. A secure space to rent your second home or offer private lessons.

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