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Aubay Portugal faced a challenge: to make its employer brand identity one of the strongest in the market. Discover how he found in Vip District the ideal solution to make his company visible, not only internally, but also externally.

Employer branding plays a central role in Aubay Portugal’s strategy. A strategy that involves taking care of every detail of the employee experience. As well as carrying out initiatives aimed at the attraction, development, motivation and loyalty of employees and customers. The task of developing strong employer branding is compounded by the complexity and high competitiveness of the technology sector.

To meet this challenge, Vip District developed an employee portal tailored to Aubay Portugal’s needs. The result had a positive impact, not only on the relationship with its employees, but also on its strategic objectives. In addition, the project developed was the winner of the Incentive Awards 2022, organized by the IMA Europe (Incentive Marketing Association), in the category “Best Recognition and Reward Program”.

About Aubay Portugal

Aubay is one of the leading IT (Information Technology) consulting firms in Europe. Born in France, this consulting firm is listed on the Euronext stock exchange. It is present in 7 countries (France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, England and Belgium). It has a total of more than 9,000 employees. In 2007, Aubay entered the Portuguese market with the objective of becoming a reference among IT consulting firms. And so it was.

Aubay Portugal

  • +1,300 employees
  • 210 customers
  • 64€M revenue
João Miguel Rodrigues, Chief People Officer

“Our Aubilous club is one of the flagships of our employer brand, because it is a tool that fully demonstrates the central role our employees play in the company.”

João Miguel RodriguesChief People Officer