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The Everel Group faced several challenges in managing and enhancing its employer brand. The digitization and internal communication processes needed to be tailored to the company’s liking and there was much room left for improvement. This scenario made it difficult to promote a sense of belonging and community among its employees, an element which was of fundamental importance to the company. Discover how Everel, together with Vip District’s help, has managed to directly impact employee motivation and satisfaction through a series of benefits and incentives. The new initiatives have had a huge impact on Everel’s employer brand and have led to an increase in their ability to attract and retain top talent.

One of Everel’s pivotal goals in the Human Resources sphere was to move beyond the conventional duties of the traditional analogue administrator (managing payrolls, overseeing attendance, administrative tasks, etc.) and evolve into a digital support system, nurturing the personal and professional development of its employees.

The challenge was intricately linked to how Everel was perceived as an employer. Everel needed to expand the range of employee benefits to maintain its competitiveness in the job market and retain the top talent within its workforce. They realized they needed to offer tangible incentives and opportunities for day-to-day savings. These would be an added value that could increase employee satisfaction and reinforce Everel’s image as an attractive and promising workplace for employees.

Everel Group (Customer Case)

The Everel Group: A long tradition of excellence and leadership

Everel, boasts over a century of tradition and excellence. Since its foundation in 1903, it has stood as a prominent entity in the production and supply of electronic and electromechanical components for leading household appliance companies and major automobile manufacturers in the market. Based in Verona, Italy, Everel has 36 registered international trademarks and patents and a global workforce of 650 employees worldwide. The company has a proven track record of maintaining both a steadfast focus on innovation and continuous improvement of its services.


  • +650 employees worldwide
  • 120 years of experience
  • 3 production units (Europe)
Everel Group_Testimonial_Customer Case

“Vip District has had a highly positive impact on our company. Implementing this platform has been crucial in bolstering our competitiveness in the job market. Services such as these are always appreciated. Since integrating the platform, we’ve included it amongst the perks we offer to new employees. Moreover, it's incredibly user-friendly.”

Giada LeoratoEverel's HR Business Partner