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Encouraging gratitude: a key motivational input

It is a fact that we all like to be thanked and recognized for our efforts. When someone receives this feedback from another person, their security and confidence increase, as does their level of satisfaction.

Encouraging gratitude within your company can be a fundamental motivational input for employees and their managers. Good feedback is good for everyone!

Now, imagine what day-to-day life would be like in a company where no one says thank you. Where no one congratulates or recognises the work of the rest. A work environment where everyone goes their own way without caring about others. Sad, isn’t it? But is there an ideal way to incentivise your employees and create a good working environment? Here are some ideas.

Expressing gratitude among your company’s employees can:

  • Improving team well-being and promoting a good working environment
  • Enhancing the skills of each employee and their productivity
  • Strengthen relationships between colleagues and teams.
  • Reduce stress level
  • Increasing resilience
  • Reinforce the values and behaviors of the corporate culture.

As you can see, expressing gratitude is all to your advantage. They will result in your employees feeling more motivated and confident. In other words, saying thank you can be a huge motivational booster!

Have you ever thought about it?

How to promote employee recognition?

Creating a corporate culture or changing an existing one is no easy task. Since this would involve many (if not all) areas of the companies. And human resources managers have an important role to play in this.

Here are some tips for fostering a culture of gratitude and positive feedback in a company:

1. Communicate the company’s values

The company’s values must be clearly communicated to all employees. Among these must be gratitude. Leaders are the first to lead by example. Publicly rewarding employees for a well-done job or their positive attitude is essential.

2. Implement a recognition system

A recognition system can help foster a culture of gratitude in the company. This may include awards, incentives, public recognition or simply a personal thank you note. It is important that the recognition system is fair and equitable.

3. Acknowledge it publicly

Expanding positive feedback is a component that will help reinforce the culture and encourage participation. In addition, feedback can help identify the behaviours most valued by employees. This will help tremendously to improve the working environment and team collaboration.

4. Use of tools and platforms

The most effective solution for fast results is the use of a platform. This will make it easier for employees to share informal comments to colleagues, for example.

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