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Interactius was looking to streamline and increase the visibility of its recognition campaigns, ultimately aiming to improve employee engagement.

Interactius, a leading Strategic Design and UX company based in Spain has demonstrated an exceptional relationship with its employees holding the envied Great Place to Work® badge with a Trust Index of 100%. But even the best companies face challenges.


  • Company: Interactius
  • Sector/Industry: Consulting and Services
  • Nº of employees: 40
  • One more detailA Great Place to Work® certified company with a Trust Index of 100%
  • Challenges: Regularisation of award management, increasing employee participation.
  • Results: Increased participation, improved rewards control, reduction in  administration work.
  • Related product: Vip Incentives.

Challenges and Objectives

Interactius was already using a system of rewards and recognition with their staff of 40 employees. A financial bonus was awarded to employees for acting in line with company goals and values, for performing such actions as writing a blog post or attracting new talent. However, as the company grew, they began to be faced with the challenge of needing to improve the structure of their recognition campaigns, expand their rewards catalogue and increase visibility among their employees.

Interactius Customer Story

Solution and results

Vip Incentives, Vip District’s Recognition and Incentive platform, offered Interactius the ideal solution. The platform enabled them to structure recognition campaigns, gamify objectives and digitise the traditional Christmas hamper, another great innovation offered by the new system. For the first time, employees received points and could use them to choose their own gift. No more complaints about the company Christmas gift!

Interactius successfully increased employee participation in recognition campaigns, enhancing commitment and transparency in award management. Additionally, the platform helped ease some of the administrative burden for the company and delivered a more satisfying experience to employees by allowing them to choose their own awards.

Interactius Customer Story

The Interactius success story proves two important points: a company can make a huge leap forward in their employee engagement strategy through incorporating superior technology; recognition plays a major role in employee satisfaction and motivation. And let’s not forget the positive impact on the HR department’s workload by optimising management, resources and time.

Interactius Testimonial

“Vip Incentives helps us maximise our teams’ commitment to the company's values and objectives. We love the platform's customisability and ease of implementation. Our employees are also truly delighted. Vip Incentives is now firmly embedded within our DNA and we will be using it to launch new goal gamification campaigns for the foreseeable future.”

Martina GentileMarketing and Communication Manager at Interactius

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