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From fragmented communication to full engagement. How ISPROX transformed its Talent Experts network by implementing a new recognition programme and technology to boost engagement.

ISPROX is a human resources consultancy specialised in attracting talent, with a commitment to human and territorial proximity. With more than 100 employees, it has a network of Talent Experts distributed nationally and internationally.

The company works with the aim of connecting people and companies so that, together, they can go even further.


  • Company: ISPROX
  • Sector/Industry: HR Consulting
  • Nº of employees: 100
  • Market: Spain, with national and international Talent Experts network
  • One more detail: ISPROX has a strong corporate responsibility policy focused on the environment, social inclusion, and employability for 55+ talent.
  • Challenges: Improve the communication of objectives and gamify milestones to increase the sense of belonging and loyalty of its employees and Talent Experts network.
  • Results: ISPROX transformed strategic objectives into short-term milestones, increasing the commitment and satisfaction of its external teams.
  • Related product: Vip Incentives.

Challenges and Objectives

ISPROX faced several major challenges in managing its Talent Experts network. Despite offering incentives, the company needed to improve communication of objectives, increase the sense of belonging and build loyalty among its external teams. Its main objective was to implement a solution that not only provided financial incentives, but also included gamification elements to improve the employee and agent experience.

They tried a platform to improve recognition efficiency, but it didn’t work. It simply lacked the necessary flexibility for campaign management and facilities for more agile communication.

Solution and results

To meet these challenges, ISPROX needed a reliable and quality-assured provider, so they decided on Vip incentives platform. The implementation was quick and easy. With it, they were able to unify gamification, recognition and incentives in a super friendly and effective way.

With Vip incentives, they transformed strategic objectives into short-term milestones, with clear and achievable rewards. It also allowed them to personalise campaigns and automate communication. The creation of triggered campaigns, such as birthday and anniversary greetings, not only strengthened team engagement, but also streamlined the recognition programme management process.

Internal satisfaction surveys ranked Vip Incentives as the best engagement platform. Users were super engaged, sharing their achievements and photos of the incentives earned. Undoubtedly, a solution that impacted positively on ISPROX’s strategic objectives and on the loyalty of its internal and external teams.

“Thanks to the Vip Incentives platform, we have been able to gamify the company's strategic milestones and achieve greater commitment from our partners. The ease of use and implementation, together with the company's references, convinced us and we are 100% satisfied.”

Ivan VázquezCEO & Co-Founder

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