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Discover how Meliá Hotels International created a true revolution in human resources practices in the hospitality sector. With the help of Vip District’s innovative solution, Meliá has built a centralised benefits programme capable of crossing borders, unifying cultures, and accompanying its international expansion.

The hotel sector, in general, due to its diversity and high staff turnover, has no small challenge: the generation of commitment and pride of belonging. In the case of Meliá Hotels International, this challenge is accentuated: the geographical dispersion of its business units, the challenge of creating a unified corporate culture and the loyalty of its employees in a highly competitive and demanding work environment.

On top of this, the COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated their challenges. Temporary closures and mobility restrictions affected travel and an unprecedented drop in activity. All this created an urgent need for Meliá to adapt. This situation directly impacted its comprehensive human resources strategy with the need to maintain its team’s commitment.

In this context, offering more significant benefits to employees was one of Meliá’s main lines of action. To this end, it set out to centralise and optimise the management of its benefits catalogue, promote greater employee participation and improve the employee experience. All at once!

They needed a tool that offered attractive benefits and was easily accessible to all their employees.

About Meliá Hotels International

Meliá Hotels International, with almost 70 years of history, is a leading global hotel group headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. With a network of more than 400 hotels in over 40 countries, Meliá offers exceptional hospitality experiences and has gained international recognition for excellence, thanks to its strong market position and wide range of brands. As a leader in its sector, the hotelier is committed to investing in its employees, offering them the best experience as part of the company, and fostering a positive corporate culture.

Meliá Hotels International

  • +9.000 Employees in Spain
  • +39.000 Employees in the World
  • +400 hotels
Martín Cambeiro Canosa, Compensation & Benefits Director of Meliá Hotels International

“My MeliáBenefits plays a relevant role at Meliá. Emotional pay improves the attraction and retention of talent, which, now more than ever, is very important.”

Martín Cambeiro Canosa,Compensation & Benefits Director of Meliá Hotels International