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CEMTRO faced a major challenge: to transform its internal communication and strengthen its corporate culture. Find out how Vip District was a key player in this process.

As CEMTRO evolved and its workforce expanded, establishing effective internal communication became pivotal. Beyond merely sharing information, the goal was to strengthen the corporate culture and promote unity among its various teams. Employee communication predominantly flowed through an inadequately interactive and unfriendly intranet, primarily designed for handling specific documentation catering to employee needs. However, the challenge extended beyond mere interactivity – the company sought to bolster its reputation as an employer and to attract and retain the finest talent in the healthcare industry.

CEMTRO grappled with these challenges for some time, yet none of the solutions it was finding, was quite what it was looking for. Moreover, the company was also looking to find a virtual space that would encourage team spirit and cohesion, thereby strengthening its corporate culture. It was then that CEMTRO realised that it didn’t need a different solution for each problem, but rather a comprehensive solution to solve them all at the same time.



CEMTRO: Leading the Health Industry in Spain

In the demanding world of healthcare, CEMTRO has emerged as a pivotal figure in orthopedic surgery and sports traumatology. Founded in 1998, the organisation’s priority has always been to offer services  of the highest quality – and this is exactly what it has done. With a team of over 800 highly skilled professionals covering more than 32 medical specialties in 5 strategically located centres in Madrid, its clinics have, to date, already attended over 800 thousand patients. CEMTRO is proud to celebrate 25 years marked by extraordinary achievements.


  • +800 professionals
  • +800,000 patients
  • 5 Centres in Madrid
Customer story - testimonial (CEMTRO)

“"Vip District has become an essential ally. Primarily in the domain of CEMTRO’s internal communication strategy, but also increasingly within our HR department. 'Somos CEMTRO' facilitates deeper employee connections, fostering interaction and curating activities that break the monotony, enhancing our work environment. The company may be growing, but we have kept the same close, family-like feel the clinic first became respected for in 1998. 'Somos CEMTRO' remains instrumental in upholding and expanding that essence among our employees, even as our company grows."”

Rebeca Ruiz SiguínCEMTRO Marketing and Communications Director