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DHL Express Spain is a leading company within the logistics and international transport industry. Their Customer Story reveals how collaborating with Vip District led to significant improvements in their reputation as a model employer. Keep on reading to discover how personalized benefit solutions have fostered a thriving culture, heightened engagement, and enhanced employee well-being.

DHL Express’s vision is rooted in fostering a work environment that promotes excellence and well-being among its employees. To achieve this, fundamental challenges and critical demands must be addressed, including: collaborating across various business units to create optimal internal conditions for employees; developing and implementing recognizable processes and practices that foster ongoing employee improvement through training and professional development; fostering a culture of high standards, trust, appreciation, customer-centricity, social responsibility, and ethics; ensuring safety, well-being, and seamless internal communication across all levels.

Moreover, DHL Express is actively engaged in digitizing and modernizing its processes while implementing hybrid work models tailored to the needs of its employees.

DHL Express(customer case)

DHL Express: Leading International Express Transportation through Innovation

DHL Express holds a distinguished position as a global leader in logistics and international transportation, with a worldwide presence encompassing more than 100,000 employees operating in over 220 countries. The wide-ranging services offered by the DHL Group include parcel delivery, national and international express shipping, advanced e-commerce solutions, freight transportation (land, air, and sea), and comprehensive supply chain management.


  • +2400 employees in Spain
  • +50 years of experience
  • +220 countries
Cesar Liaño_Testimony_Customer Story_DHL Express_Spain

“Ever since we began our partnership with Vip District in 2017, we have always received swift, personalised attention. Processes which had previously been handled manually have now become much more streamlined. Direct access to an extensive range of employee offers managed through Vip District has translated into time savings and heightened service excellence. Additionally, incidents are resolved with remarkable efficiency and speed, fostering an exceptional employee experience.”

Cesar LiañoC&B and HR Development Manager DHL Express in Spain