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In the new era of remote work, Teleperformance faced the challenge of maintaining the motivation of its teams and preserving the environment of exchange and interaction among employees, as well as streamlining internal HR processes. To overcome these challenges, Teleperformance and Vip District designed a dedicated employee engagement project to devise an integrated solution that would not only meet Teleperformance’s new needs, but also drive employee engagement to an unprecedented level.

In a company the size of Teleperformance, the main challenges are to connect its community to the company’s culture and values. Ensuring that your people feel valued and respected in their individuality and diversity is the defined strategy to create and reinforce a sense of belonging and recognition.

Every interaction matters: this is one of the mottos that Teleperformance applies to the management of their business, and they needed to make this a reality in their relationship with their employees as well. To achieve this, they were challenged to reinforce recognition within the organization, highlighting not only individual performance, but also the unique qualities and contributions that each person brings to the workplace.


About Teleperformance

Teleperformance is a global leader in digital enterprise integration and customer experience services. Its activity in Portugal is currently the epicenter of multilingual services for Europe and the world. With a team of more than 14,000 employees, Teleperformance Portugal serves clients in 37 languages in 67 markets and has been recognized as a Great Place to Work® for 13 consecutive years.


  • +14,000 employees
  • +35 languages
  • 67 markets
Customer story - testimonial (Teleperformance)

“Our relationship with Vip District was crucial in the design and implementation of the TP4U platform. By enabling us to develop more efficient processes and work as one team to ensure that our people feel valued and respected in their individuality and diversity, we have been able to foster a strong sense of belonging and recognition. We continually receive positive feedback, especially from TP Praise, which has spontaneously moved hundreds of compliments among colleagues every week. It is an internal achievement that makes us burst with pride.”

Ana SanchesVice President, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Teleperformance Portugal